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Will 'The Green Guard' Fit My Mower?

The Green Guard is a Universal 'Operator Controlled Discharge Chute' for Zero-Turns, Standers, and Walk-Behinds.  It fits the vast majority of commercial mowers without modification.  It is possible, that on some mowers, there could be an interference that obstructs the installation or operation of 'The Green Guard'.  In this case, you may need to remove the obstruction or raise up 'The Green Guard' using the included spacers to avoid the obstruction.  Note:  We now offer a 'SLIM' model to fit smaller deck size Standers (also, zero turns and walk-behinds)


To check the fit up, click on the link below for life size aerial view diagrams of all The Green Guard models. 

Fit Check Diagrams

Print the diagrams on normal 8.5" x 11" paper, oriented in Portrait Layout (not Landscape). Cut out the diagram of the model you are interested in and lay it on your mower deck to determine if it will fit without interference!


Or, use the drawings below to check dimensions on your mower....




Original Green Guard - Aerial View









GREEN GUARD [Mini] MODEL (Commercial):





GREEN GUARD 'SLIM [Mini]' MODEL (Commercial):




GREEN GUARD [HD] MODEL (Commercial):







Note: If the mower fuel tank or other obstruction is above the chute, an inch or two can be trimmed off the bottom of the guard on most mowers, and still cover the chute.  Also, the rubber guard is flexible.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us a picture of your mower discharge, and we'll help you determine how 'The Green Guard' will fit your mower (jr@greenboylawns.com).




Compatibility List  (Coming Soon...)



 Exmark Vantage S-Series Stander               Scag V-Ride Stander

2016 Exmark Vantage S-Series Stander   


Stander & Walk-Behind Switch Mount        Zero-Turn Switch Mount




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