I'll be out of town July 12th - 28th. I won't be able to ship out any orders during those dates. Sorry! Thank you for your patience! We hope your season is going well. God Bless!


No-Drill Kit:

Don't want to drill into your new mower's deck?  Add the No-Drill Kit to your order.  We'll outfit your Green Guard base with (7) strong 95 lb. cup magnets, to magnetically attach the unit to your mower deck.  Simply stick it where you want it.  Also, makes the unit easily removeable, if you have a type of bagger or other attachment that the Green Guard would interfere with.  Now comes with a safety lanyard, just in case it ever gets knocked loose.  Kit also includes (3) magnetic cable clamps to allow you to secure wiring without drilling as well.  (Works on all Green Guard models.)



Dust Blocker:

Are you having issues with grass & dust kicking back towards you, with the guard in the part-open position?  Purchase the dust blocker to solve that problem.  The dust blocker is made of a heavy duty fabric that bolts to the top of your guard.   The other end of the dust blocker contains cup magnets that secure it to the top of the mower deck.   It covers the gap between the top of the guard and the mower deck, as the guard opens and closes.  A 1/2" wrench is needed for installation.  Or, if you purchase at the same time as your complete installation kit, we will attach it to the top of the guard for you.  (Works on all Green Guard models.)



[HD] Booster Battery Kit (w/Magnetic Mount):

Are your running a pull start mower with no battery?   For most walk-behinds, the engine charging coil puts out enough power to run the PTO clutch and The Original Green Guard at the same time.   On some mowers (with a weaker charging coil) the blades may slow down or even kick off when you operate The Green Guard.  For those mowers, this Booster Battery is a solution.  When you aren't operating The Green Guard, the engine charges this battery.  Then when you need to operate The Green Guard, it provides plenty of stored up energy to operate The Green Guard and keep the PTO clutch energized and the blades running smoothly.   Note: The [HD] Booster Battery is a necessity when running The Green Guard [HD] unit on a pull start mower.

With bullet nose connectors that plug right into your wire harness, this Booster Battery couldn't be easier to install.  Simply bolt in place or stick it in place using magnetic mount option. Connect the (2) bullet connectors to your wire harness, and zip tie the wires to secure them in position.  Battery not included - customer must purchase a Lawn & Garden battery locally. (Works on all Green Guard models.)




Foot-Operated Switch:

Is your mower a zero-turn sit-down model?  If so, you may prefer a foot-operated switch.  Add this to your Complete Installation Kit order, and we'll replace the regular handle-mounted rocker switch with this Foot-Operated Rocker Switch!  Available as a Bolt-On unit or with Magnetic Mount.  (Works on all Green Guard models.)



Toggle Switch:

Do you want a switch that you can mount in your control panel rather than on your handlebar?  This toggle switch is easier to mount in a control panel.  You simply have to drill a 1/2" hole in your control panel to mount, rather than trying to make a rectangle cutout to mount the standard rocker switch.  These toggle switches are weatherproof & American made.  (Works on all Green Guard models.)