I'll be out of town July 2nd - 5th, and July 13th - 27th. I won't be able to ship out any orders during those dates. Sorry! Have to spend some time with the family! We hope your season is going well. God Bless!


* Will 'The Green Guard' fit my mower?   We expect 'The Green Guard' to fit most all commercial mowers, and many homeowner model riding mowers.  If you are unsure after looking through our 'Fit Check' page, the best thing is to email us (jr@greenboylawns.com) a photo of your mower deck.  We will look it over, and ask you for any measurements we need to ensure a good fit!

* Are you able to buy parts like spare motors?  Yes.  See the parts page.


* What kind of longevity do you expect for the motor and components?  I expect the longevity to be good.  The motors have been tested for 10,000 cycles at 8 sec. run time for operating power windows.  They've also been sprayed with water to test for waterproof.  The metal components are 3/16” steel and bent (no welds), so I expect no issues with them.  The switch is American Made, waterproof, and rated for up to 30 amps continuous use (motor is rated for 15 amps), so I expect no issues.  The aluminum or rubber guard is the part that can extend out past the deck, so depending on the operator, could get abused, and need to be replaced from time to time.  Should not be too expensive, though.  I think the aluminum or rubber guard having some give to it will protect the motor and other components, and also your customer’s properties, in the event of a collision.  I am pricing replacement motors at $20, and offering a 1 year warranty, to give customer's peace of mind.


* I have a walk behind that is pull start - no battery.  Will the unit work on that?  The unit does work with pull start mowers, as long as your mower has an electric pto clutch (which most do).  'The Green Guard' wiring harness will allow you to connect to the power coming from your engine's charging coil (the same way your pto clutch is powered).  


* Is the 'No Drill' Kit what allows you to mount the unit to the mower deck without drilling?  Yes, the 'No Drill' Kit contains everything you need to install the unit without drilling.  We install (7) 95lb. super power neodymium cup magnets to the base of the guard (it will take a strong person to remove, or a pry bar), and also provide you with (3) magnetic cable tie mounts that allow you to secure the wiring without drilling.  


How long does it take to install 'The Green Guard'?  You should be able to install it in an hour or less.  We assemble as much of it as we possibly can for you beforehand.  If you want a really fast assembly, go with the 'No Drill' kit.



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