It's Spring! Customers are laying fresh mulch in their beds. Don't turn it green! Get The Green Guard now!


On Exmark Staris Standers, the Green Guard will mount in front of the hand-hold loop (that you use to raise and lower the deck).   However, because the magnets are larger and stick out past the base, our magnetic 'no-drill' kit will not fit on the Staris, unless you cut off the loop and grind the deck flat.  On the larger S-Series and Vantage Standers, our magnetic mount 'no-drill' kit will fit.  On all the Exmark commercial zero-turns I've seen, our units will fit with magnetic mount.  One issue with most Exmarks, is that the spindle cover is removed by pulling it outward.  On 52" and smaller decks, a bolted on green guard can interfere with the removal of the spindle cover.  For this reason, you may want to purchase our magnetic mount 'no-drill' kit option with Exmark installations.  That way you can remove The Green Guard when you need to do maintenance on the belt or spindle.  Another option is to notch out a little of the plastic spindle cover where it lines up with the vertical upright on The Green Guard (See above pic for reference).


These are the Exmark models that we have verified 'The Green Guard' will fit on:

Staris E Series (36" and 44" decks)               Staris S Series (52" and 60" decks)

Exmark Vantage Stander (52" & 60" decks)    Lazer Z E & X -Series (60" deck)

Radius X & S Series (52" & 60" decks)           Radius E Series (52" & 60" decks)