I'll be out of town July 2nd - 5th, and July 13th - 27th. I won't be able to ship out any orders during those dates. Sorry! Have to spend some time with the family! We hope your season is going well. God Bless!

Collection: Green Guard [Mini]

Before ordering, check dimensions on your mower to ensure a good fit.  Or, click here to download a life-size diagram.  (Print it, cut it out, and set it on your mower deck to check fit.)  If The Green Guard [Mini] won't fit your mower, click here to check out the 'SLIM [Mini]' model.  Also, Please Note:  The kits contain spacers that allow the unit to be raised, moved back, or moved left/right to avoid obstructions.  The swing arm is raised above the deck, and will clear any obstruction 2.5" tall or less - 3.5" if you use spacers to raise base 1").  Still not sure?  Please text (785-249-5476) or email (jr@greenboylawns.com) us a pic of your mower deck, and we'll take a look.  And rest assured, we have a 30 day money back guarantee.  If it doesn't fit, ship it back for a full refund.  Or, we also have a 'SLIM' [Mini] Conversion Kit.  If The Green Guard [Mini] ends up not fitting, you can convert it to a 'SLIM [Mini]' model.