It's almost mowing season! Get your Green Guards before you get busy! Have a great Season!!


1.) Rubber or Aluminum Guard:  

Durable - yet forgiving.  Less likely to damage your customer's property (or the guard), if you accidentally hit something.  Also, less strain and shock to the motor.

2.) Motorized:  

Quickly and easily adjust the guard's position at mowing speed!  The guard moves so fast, you won't have to slow down your mower to adjust position!

3.) Convenient Controls: 

Conveniently mounted handlebar controls.  The Green Guard is the easiest to operate OCDC on the market!  The handlebar mounted rocker switch makes it effortless to adjust the chute's position as conditions change throughout the lawn!  Additional Switch options include a Foot-Operated Switch for Zero-Turns, or a Toggle Switch for easy Control Panel mounting.

4.) Versatile: 

Switch between mulching and side discharge at the flip of a switch!  Open completely to get through a tight gate - even install a side bagger when needed!

5.) Universal Fit:  

Fits most commercial mowers and many homeowner models (Zero Turns, Standers, Walk-Behinds, and Lawn Tractors).  Click on the 'Fit Check' Page for more information.  Bendable - you can mold to the contour of your mower deck.  Trim to an exact fit for your mower using tin snips.  Completely clears the mower deck in the full open position - doesn't add any width to your mower deck.

6.) Multiple Models:

        * The Original Green Guard - The motor is down and out of the way.  You need 5 1/2" of width clear from obstructions, from the edge of the deck to allow the guard to open completely.  6 3/4" of width towards the front of the deck where the motor sets (motor is 1 1/8" thick).   

         * 'NEW' The Green Guard 'SLIM' Model -  For smaller deck mowers - 32s and 36s - especially Standers.  The motor is flipped up vertical, the Swing Arm is narrowed, and an extension piece is added.  This allows the unit to be mounted and open completely on mowers with only 4" of width from the deck edge clear of obstructions (4 1/2" at top of motor - 8" above deck). Checkout 'Fit Check' page for exact dimensions.

7.) Parts Available:

All Green Guard parts are available and priced reasonably.  Click here to check it out.  If you are concerned about the motor - it only costs $25 and 5 minutes to replace.

8.) Excellent Support: 

I'm a LawnCare Owner/Operator myself.  I understand your unique needs.  Email or Text anytime - I've always got my phone on me!  (Jeremiah -, 785-249-5476)

9.) Support a Good Cause:

$10 from the sale of each 'Green Guard' goes to fight pornography.  'Guard your Heart'.

10.) Free Shipping:

Free Standard Shipping anywhere in the lower 48, on all of our 'Green Guard' units.  Also, Free Shipping on any parts orders $75 or more.  We always ship within 24 hours, and most customers have their Green Guard within 3-4 days.  Expedited shipping also available at checkout for an additional charge.

11.) Easy Installation:

Most customers are reporting an installation time of about 30 - 45 minutes.   We assemble as much as we possibly can for you prior to shipment - so the unit comes nearly fully assembled!  Full Color instructions with pictures always included!  

12.) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:  

Return the complete unit in good condition for any reason within 30 days, for a full refund.  Pay only half up front, to allow you to try it out, if you like.

13.) 1 Year Warranty (On HD Model):

Let us know if you have any issues!  





Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.      ~Proverbs 4:23