It's almost mowing season! Get your Green Guards before you get busy! Have a great Season!!

The Green Guard [HD]

The new Green Guard [HD] and 'SLIM [HD]' is our flagship product and highly recommended for Commercial Operators.  Here's a list of the advantages:

1.) The Motor:  The motor on our HD model is an American made right angle gear motor with lots of torque and built to last.

  • All Metal Gears - No plastic gears like power window motors.  Will give years of Reliable Service - gears won't strip out!
  • High Holding Torque.- Due to the worm gear design of the right angle motor and the all metal gears, this motor had lots of holding torque.  Whether it's closed, open, or part-open, this motor holds it's position, keeping the guard where you want it!  

2.) Thicker Guard:  The guard that blocks your mower chute is twice as thick on the [HD] model vs. our Original Green Guard model.  1/8" thick for the Aluminum guard and 0.35" for the Reinforced Rubber guard.  We mean Heavy Duty!

3.) Heavy Duty Base:  The Base on our HD units is made from 1/4" thick zinc-coated steel vs. 3/16" on the Original Green Guard.  All parts are bent into shape and laser cut.  No welds on any of the  parts.

4.) Stronger No-Drill Kit (Magnetic Base):  Due to the additional weight of the HD motor, we use bigger (and stronger) magnets to secure the base to your mower deck.  (7) 139 lb. neodymium 1.5" x 0.35" cup magnets used to secure the base.  All of our no-drill kits now come with safety lanyards to keep The Green Guard unit from falling off the mower, if it were to ever get knocked loose. 

5.)  Wiring Interchangeable:  The HD units use the same wire harness and switch, as our original unit.  If you already have an original Green Guard, you can upgrade to the HD unit by purchasing an 'HD upgrade kit', and save a little money vs. buying a whole new unit!