It's Spring! Customers are laying fresh mulch in their beds. Don't turn it green! Get The Green Guard now!

Collection: Original Green Guard

Before ordering, check dimensions on your mower to ensure a good fit.  Or, click here to download a life-size diagram.  (Print it, cut it out, and set it on your mower deck to check fit.)  If The Original Green Guard won't fit your mower, click here to check out the 'SLIM' model.  Also, Please Note:  The kits contain spacers that allow the unit to be raised, moved back, or moved left or right to avoid obstructions.  It is important to have the 5.500" dimension from the edge of the deck clear of obstructions, so the guard can open fully (Only 4" for 'SLIM' model).  The swing arm is raised above the deck, and will clear any obstruction 2.5" tall or less - 3.5" if you use spacers to raise base 1").  Still not sure?  Please text (785-249-5476) or email ( us a pic of your mower deck, and we'll take a look.  And rest assured, we have a 30 day money back guarantee.  If it doesn't fit, ship it back for a full refund.  Or, we also have a 'SLIM' conversion kit.  If the Original Green Guard ends up not fitting, you can convert it to a 'SLIM' model for $35 - $50.