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How & when chute blocker should be used?

Lawn owners have repeatedly faced different problems to maintain their lawn. It takes sweat and blood to keep one, right! There have been many tried and tested machines for the grassy pads in your lawn. However, when we talk about a chute blocker - it is a saviour for a lawn owner.

The continuous mulching or bagging process can be tiresome and sometimes may cause problems to your neighbors. How? Well, the answer is simple. Looking to the past, side discharges of the mowers have been a safety concern. You would never want to hit somebody's window in your neighborhood while mowing your lawn. That can happen as the machine throws the side discharge with force, and if a stone or a twig comes in the mowing machine, it can be discharged with force leading to unwanted accidents. 

There can be several solutions to this problem, like using a mulching kit or bagging, but these are feasible for a home lawn.

Hence, come the chute blocker. They are a hybrid between a mulch kit and a standard side discharge. You can adjust the power chute blocker level to either mulch or side discharge, depending on the requirement. So, let's have a look into the how's and when's used.

Want to trim up your lawn space? Get a Chute Blocker.

A chute blocker helps you to prevent unwanted deposits of grass clippings all around the lawn. It acts as a blockade that covers the mulching kit. The blocker prevents the spread of extreme clippings over flower beds or your pool area. 

The most significant advantage with the machine would be speeding up your mowing time. Having a hybrid machine gives you an excellent upper hand over the mulch kit in open lawn spaces.

The best chute blockers to ease out your work

Cutting the grass is fun, and with the best quality equipment, it becomes an even more easy and fun thing to do. Let's take you to a deep understanding of how a chute blocker is so effective for your lawn space. Here we have the best power chute blockers that make your work super easy and time-saving. 

These green guards act as the best chute blockers. A foot pedal can efficiently operate, and you can use them for commercial mowing as well. The rugged construction and simple usage make mowing in difficult sections an easy task. The flap is connected to the mechanical cable that guides you with the position of the blocker plate. You don't have to leave the control lever for a second also.

So, when it comes to reliability, ease of operation, and saving time,you must know that this chute blocker should be the first choice.

Easy to install and ready to use

  • You can also install a bagger. The parts are inexpensive. All in all, you are just looking at the right deal to give your lawn a perfect shape and make it look lush green, trimmed, and attractive.

Wrap it up and bring to your home

The green guard chute blocker is an excellent investment and a fantastic accessory to make your life easy. The convenience of three different kinds of services in one, i.e., mulching/blocking the chute or using the side discharge, has proved to be a great time saver. So, bring home the asset and keep utilizing the chute blockers to enhance your  lawn spaces.

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